Peru has it all

Whatever you can think of, Peru has it. Are you after history and archeology? Than north of the country might just be the  spot for you. Chachapoyas had us entertained for more than a week with its waterfalls and

Feel like surfing? Than Mancora or Huanchaco are the answers for all your beach bum needs. Also, just few kilometres from Huanchaco are the remains of biggest adobe city in the world, Chan Chan. Hiking anyone? The second highest mountain range in the world, Cordillera Blanca is at your disposal. We did 5 day hike and combined Laguna69 and Santa Cruz trek together, as always with altitude sickness 🙂

Peru also has a wine region, Ica. We are not saying that the wine is any good, but its fun to go and do the tasting and combine the experience with sand boarding in the oasis of Huacachina. Everyone comes to Peru to see Machu Picchu. But why wouldn’t you combine it with almost unknown but equally magnificient Inca site, Choquequirao. It might happen that you’ll have it all to yourself. All the roads in South America lead to Cusco and if you have time, you could be spending 2 months here and never get bored of the Incas.

When you feel like you’ve had enough, Lake Titikaka is where you’ll recharge. It is where Incas were born and you can definitely feel the energy in the air.

Oh and the 3 best restaurants in the world are based in Lima. Martin can’t stop talking about a trout farm we will have so we can always have fresh ceviche. Small obsession with Peruvian food maybe?

Peru gets under your skin and doesn’t want to leave you. We loved it so much that instead of planned 4 weeks stayed 7 and still didn’t see and do everything we wanted. We need to come for another dose. You’ll probably feel the same way…


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