Magical Bolivia

As always, we planned to stay 2 weeks and ended up travelling around for 5. This country is definitely the biggest and most positive surprise for us. Probably because we didn’t have any expectations. 3 out of our top 10 experiences in South America happened in Bolivia.

Bolivianos have wonderful sense of humour. They call themselves green mouth potato head. (guess why?). We got hooked on frozen black ones and washed white potatoes. The green mouth comes from chewing coca. It is a national sport. One thing we had to try hard to get used to is the ignorance of traffic lights. They are simply used as Christmas lights, just a decoration.

We have renamed La Paz into culinary capital of the whole continent thanks to the absolute foodie heaven, aka the restaurant Gustu (and many others we have tried here). New Years Eve in Torotoro national park was celebrated dancing with locals to the sounds of charango and sharing lots of Chicha with Pacha Mama.

Lake Titikaka became the most relaxing spot of our whole travel and this is where we also decided to start a travel vlog. Bolivian wine became our obsession and we travelled to Cochabamba and Tarija to indulge in what we know the best: eat and drink and cycle 😉 Did you know peanuts originated in Bolivia? If you decide to visit, you will taste the spiciest peanut sauce or typical peanut soup. We always had some “Mani” stuffed in our pockets.

Seeing the working conditions of miners in Potosi gave us appreciation for what we have and has opened our eyes and minds even more. And the 4 days spent driving around the desert and Uyuni were the perfect end to our Bolivian adventure.

The more south we went, the friendlier people became.  The longer we stayed, the more we loved it.


Villa Tunari – the easiest way to enjoy Bolivian jungle
La Paz, coolest city in South America?
Lake Titikaka – where time has stopped
Potosi mine, should you go?
Gustu – surprise for foodies in La Paz, Bolivia
Border crossing – Bolivia to Argentina
Torotoro – Bolivia’s Jurassic park
Cochabamba – it is worth your time
Salar de Uyuni, 4 days trip to the moon
Tarija, the wine capital of Bolivia