MatoVeve have gone mad

We are Slovak/Ozzie couple with pretty strong (accent) travel bug.

We started our journey around the world 10 years ago when we left Slovakia. We got slightly delayed as we fell in love with Australia where we stayed for 8 years, but that doesn’t mean we stopped travelling.

Recently we’ve had enough of adulting and at the ripe age of 33 and 35 decided to give it all up, sold everything (ok, maybe except Veronika’s dresses) and instead of settling down and doing what is expected, we took our savings and decided to spend them all aka travel the world.

Hence MatoVeve have gone mad.



Martin is the creative force of the MatoVeve have gone mad duo.  Having studied acting in Slovakia and later setting up his own production company in Australia, he is more than well equipped to produce beautiful images and videos. Only if his attitude to work wasn’t so organic. Most of Martin’s free time is spend on performing absurd drama and driving Veronika crazy with his chilled approach to life. Other than that his main hobby is sleeping and from activities it would be lying or sitting at most. Perfect combination  if you have hyper energetic girlfriend of 12 years who can’t sit still.


V is the business head of the travel duo. She is the one who gets excited about everything and wants to go everywhere. Spending hours on planning and reading up on different locations, Veronika is also the main force behind this website and most of the blogposts. Majority of Veronika’s free time is spent on motivating (aka forcing) Martin to finally edit the next video or do some activity or as he likes to say ruining his holiday.
She loves to set up targets (not just) for herself like reading 40 books per year or visiting the best restaurant in every country. Small advice: never let her become hungry, she might cause some damage.


On this travel blog, you’ll find beautiful videography, honest and sometimes politically incorrect vlogs and especially writing to get you excited about travel, filled with our own practical tips, opinions and how-to guides.